Sunbeam V Brings Two Island Lighthouse Committees Together

Sunbeam V Brings Two Island Lighthouse Committees Together

Photo by Douglas Cornman

Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, July 27, 2017
Lighthouse committees share struggles, paths to restoring historic landmarks
by Anne Berleant

“Separated by 20 miles of deep, icy water, what could two tiny Maine islands possibly have in common? For one thing, troubled lighthouses.”

Swan’s Island Lighthouse Committee has been working on its restoration since 2005, and Burke had contacted the committee, which invited Burke and others for a visit. Sunbeam, courtesy of Maine Seacoast Mission, ferried the committee.

Burke and Swan’s Island Lighthouse Committee’s Eric Chetwynd expressed great appreciation for Maine Seacoast Mission’s assistance, and affection for the Sunbeam that carried them: “Historic preservation efforts transcend you and me…We are all in this together. The Sunbeam understands this,” Burke wrote.

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