Maine Seacoast Mission’s scholarship programs help recent high school graduates and adults from Maine’s outer island and Downeast communities continue their educational paths and achieve their dreams.

Since the beginning of the program, the Mission has awarded almost $3 million to 3,692 deserving students from Maine’s outer islands and Downeast coastal communities. Each year we award about twenty-five scholarships based on students’ financial need and academic promise. Because our scholarships can be renewed for multiple years, the Mission has nearly 100 active scholars in any given year.

Over the years, the post-secondary education and workforce landscapes continued to change from a focus on four-year liberal arts education to a myriad of ways to achieve higher education and workforce readiness. The Mission Scholarship program moved towards this realization by providing scholarships for individuals entering trade, technical, two and four-year colleges.





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In 2023, 72% of Scholars attended a college in Maine and 46% attended a University of Maine or Maine Community College. 


Some of our generous donors choose to scholarships for youth in our region. One such example is the Angus MacDonald scholarship, which offers an award of $14,000 over four years to an exceptional high school graduate who has demonstrated superior academic achievement, leadership skills, integrity, and commitment to the community.

Davis Maine Scholarship

The Davis Maine Scholarship offers full, renewable, four-year scholarships at Davis Maine Partner colleges for first-generation students from eastern Hancock and Washington counties.

EdGE Scholarships

Students who have participated in the Mission’s EdGE program for at least five years and have served as a volunteer and/or high school staff member for EdGE are eligible to apply for our EdGE Scholarships, with a total of $10,000 over four years per scholar.

Our work is your work, made possible by your generous gifts.

No matter how hard times get, the Mission will be there, helping sustain and strengthen families and communities. Please join us. Your donations bring warmth when it’s cold, shed light where it’s dark, and give strength when burdens grow heavy.

Contact us to donate, volunteer, or arrange for planned giving.

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