Community Events

Held at the Weald Bethel Community Center, our community events are a chance for our people to gather.

Downeast Table of Plenty

At the Downeast Table of Plenty, everyone is welcome to share a satisfying, home-cooked meal on Sunday afternoons. Our whole intergenerational community comes together for music, conversation, and laughter.

Joan’s Coffee House

At the Downeast Table of Plenty, held every Friday morning, Joan’s Coffee House at the Community Center is open with coffee, goodies, and a chance to visit with neighbors.

Open Mic

Started by one of our community members, Open Mic gives local musicians and others a chance to gather together every week for song and fun at the Weald Bethel Community Center. Impromptu performances range from sea shanties and spoken word to rock n’ roll, and the audience often plays cribbage while singing along.

Since 2010, the Downeast Table of Plenty has provided over 35,000 meals—and a ton of fellowship—for the community.

Our work is your work, made possible by your generous gifts.

No matter how hard times get, the Mission will be there, helping sustain and strengthen families and communities. Please join us. Your donations bring warmth when it’s cold, shed light where it’s dark, and give strength when burdens grow heavy.

Contact us to donate, volunteer, or arrange for planned giving.