Sunbeam V Scheduled for Island Visits May 19th-21st

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Please check the Sunbeam Island Services Schedule Calendar for any schedule changes due to weather conditions or other considerations.

Questions about Island Health Services and Telemedicine? Please contact Director of Island Health Services Sharon Daley, RN.

For other inquiries about the Sunbeam, contact Director of Island Outreach Douglas Cornman.

Sunbeam V on Matinicus: Visiting People in School, Homes, and Along the Road

Director of Island Health Sharon Daley sends her photos and news from her trip earlier this week with Director of Island Outreach Douglas Cornman to Matinicus. Thank you, Sharon.

“When we were on Matinicus this week the wind was going to come up, so the boat was only on the dock for 2 hours, and then left to anchor. Douglas and I walked on the island and visited the school and people in their homes and along the road as we walked.

“We then walked down to a dock to meet a lobsterman who was going to take us out to the Sunbeam at anchor. The one picture is the road Douglas and I walked down to get there. The other is the skiff leaving the Sunbeam after dropping us off.”

Sunbeam V Christmas Cruises This Week to Maine Islands

The Sunbeam V is making a few Christmas Cruises to Maine islands this week. Director of Island Outreach Douglas Cornman sent these cruise details.


Who: Mike, Storey, Jillian, Douglas and the communities of Frenchboro, Isle au Haut, and Matinicus

What: The Sunbeam’s annual Christmas Cruise. What is included in the service will vary depending on the island. Islands with enough children will have a Christmas pageant. Islands with fewer children will have Lessons and Carols. Every island will hear a Christmas message and have a carol sing with cookies and cocoa served following the service.

Where: Frenchboro and Matinicus have agreed to heat their churches for the day of the service, so the services on these two islands will be in their church buildings. The service on Isle au Haut will be aboard the Sunbeam.

When: The dates are listed below

Sunbeam Christmas Trip to Frenchboro
When: Sunday, Dec 18, 2016

Sunbeam Christmas Trip to Isle Au Haut
When: Tuesday, Dec 20, 2016

Sunbeam Christmas Trip to Matinicus
When: Wednesday, Dec 21, 2016

Sunbeam Christmas Trip (Return to Northeast Harbor)
When: Thursday, Dec 22, 2016

Why: These islands do not have year round ministers “on island,” so the Sunbeam and her crew (minus Director of Island Health Sharon Daley) visits each year. It is my understanding that the Sunbeam’s minister has led Christmas services for each of these island communities for many years. I do not know the exact number of years, however.

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Island Outreach Director: Jonesport Open House Trip Was Great

Photos and text by Douglas Cornman
Director of Island Outreach

Sunbeam in Jonesport, ME Harbor
Sunbeam in Jonesport, ME Harbor

The entire Downeast trip was great, including both open houses. It was helpful to see and hear the community’s enthusiasm for reestablishing a relationship with the Maine Seacoast Mission, given the history that the Mission has with Jonesport and the Downeast community. I think that the Jonesport community members and leaders appreciated learning about the Mission and its programs and seeing the Sunbeam. The harbormaster seemed particularly happy to welcome the Sunbeam Open HouseSunbeam into his harbor. It was really heartwarming to see his joy and pride at offering her a place to tie up while we visited.

I am always reminded of the Sunbeam‘s impact when islanders, or in this case, residents of coastal communities offer memories and stories of the various Sunbeams. I heard stories about Sunbeams III & IV on our trip to Jonesport. Most related to receiving gifts at Christmas or interactions had with past crew members. All of the stories were told with warmth, appreciation, and gratitude. It really is humbling to receive these stories and to be included in the developing history of Sunbeam V. These stories seem to be a way of saying thank you for caring about our past, present, and future. What an amazing gift.

Good morning, Jonesport
Good morning, Jonesport