‘The Island Reader’ 15th Anniversary Ahead

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Island Outreach, Maine Seacoast Mission, News

Whatever Floats Your BoatIsland Reader 2020 is a beautiful anthology reflection of Maine island life and culture.

NORTHEAST HARBOR, ME — The Mission’s Island Outreach Director and Chaplain, Douglas Cornman, is one of seven co-editors of The Island Reader and provides administrative oversight. He tells us submissions for the upcoming 15th Anniversary Edition are fantastic, as always. He and the other co-editors are perusing submissions now and will soon begin the exciting process of putting the edition together. Look for it on the Mission’s website June 1, 2021. The 2020 edition of The Island Reader is still available. Click here.

“The Maine Seacoast Mission does a lot for people in Down East communities and on our islands. And one thing they do that benefits all of us is publish books of poems, stories, and beautiful photos by Maine islanders. Their latest book, published in the summer of 2020, is really great,” Maine columnist and outdoor enthusiast George Smith wrote about the Mission’s 2020 edition of The Island Reader. (Bangor Daily News, 8/7/20).

We changed our distribution method for The Island Reader in 2020. Print copies of the multi-arts anthology showcasing Maine’s unbridged island writers and artists, were free for the asking, donations accepted and welcome. We also offered a PDF version for people to download or read online.

While we don’t have a count for Island Readers downloaded, we did ship copies to people in Maine, Texas, New York, Missouri, New Hampshire, Vermont, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Virginia, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida, Ohio, and the United Kingdom. And people graciously donated a total $750 which helps to cover costs associated with creating and printing the anthology.

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