Scholarship Recipient Studying International Business and Logistics

by | Oct 11, 2017 | News, Scholarships

Bar Harbor, ME — Mission Scholarship Manager Terri W. Rodick keeps in close touch with the students she’s come to know through our Scholarship Program. Terri has an open invitation for student scholarship recipients to share with Mission friends, their success stories and photos.

Scholarship recipient Emine Mutlu sent Terri photos of her time this past year traveling New England as an Irving Oil Brand Ambassador. “I was gone 5-6 days a week for 15 weeks traveling New England,” Ms. Mutlu said in an email.

Emine is an International Business and Logistics Undergraduate Student at Maine Maritime Academy. Asked about any big challenges or struggles for the school year, Emine said, “I find it hard to stay active and eat healthy because of my crazy work and school schedule. Also, I have to find an internship for this coming summer or else I don’t graduate next year. That is pretty daunting,” she said.

We’ve selected some of Emine’s photos to share with you.

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