Baramee Janla: Scholarship Recipient Earns High Honors on Dean’s List at Thomas College

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Colket Center, News, Scholarships

Bar Harbor, ME — Mission Scholarship Manager Terri W. Rodick keeps in close touch with the students she’s come to know through our Scholarship Program. Recently, Terri invited student scholarship recipients to share with Mission friends, their success stories and photos.

Here’s Baramee Janla’s story.


Monday, March 20, 2017 11:04 PM

Dear Terri Rodick,

I hope you are doing well. In the past two years of attending Thomas College, I have had my ups and downs in both academics and athletics. Despite the hardship I have experienced while attending college, I have gained a couple of awards and achievements. In terms of academics, I have achieved Dean’s List – High Honors. One nomination in the fall of 2016 and another in the spring of 2016.

Aside from the Dean’s List, in 2017 I was officially named to the 2016 Fall All-Academic Team of the North Atlantic Conference.

Last year I did not achieve any individual awards, but as a team, we won the soccer championship in the North Atlantic Conference. However, we were runners up from New England College this year.

Thank you so much for helping me make all of these experiences possible, and I wish you are well.

Best regards,
Baramee Janla

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