Celebrating Wendy Harrington at DETOP

by | Aug 29, 2022 | News

The Downeast community celebrated Wendy Harrington with songs, speeches, and food at the Mission’s Downeast Table of Plenty (DETOP) on Sunday, August 28. Wendy semi-retired from the Mission in early 2022 and transitioned from being the Mission’s Director Downeast Service Program into the position of Scholarship Program Coordinator. Wendy said of the celebration “I was overwhelmed by the kind words, the music, the gifts, and the love coming my way. You created a day that touched my heart and my soul. It made me laugh, cry and left me full of gratitude for having the opportunity to work and play with you and so many other wonderful people.” 

Wendy joined the Mission, with her husband Charlie, in 2002 and was instrumental in the creation of EdGE program. In 2007, Wendy became Downeast Services Program Director and began developing programs to support that community including supporting EdGE families. These initiatives including food security programs, housing rehabilitation, and community events on the Downeast campus have become a cornerstone for the Mission’s work. Wendy said previously of her role at the Mission, “My work was, and is, centered on families and community and the belief that children thrive when they have the support of the people around them.” 

As the Scholarship Program Coordinator, Wendy will build on the work she started at the Mission 20 years ago. Working directly with students, Wendy provides support to those who need it, facilitating gatherings between some of the 80 scholars who receive funding from the Mission, reaching out to students, and much more.  

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