Wednesday Spinners Share Their Craft at Weald Bethel Community Center

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Downeast Campus, Island Outreach, Maine Seacoast Mission, News, Sunbeam, Weald Bethel Community Center

Wednesday Spinners at Weald Bethel Community Center (Photo by Scott Shaw)

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Followers of the Mission’s blog and/or social media may remember an October 29, 2018 story of the Wednesday Spinners traveling aboard the Sunbeam V to Isle au Haut.

Island Outreach Director Douglas Cornman said at that time:

“As I understand it, the Spinners have been meeting weekly, for over forty years, to share their craft, learn from one another, and spend a day together doing something they love. They meet every Wednesday during the Fall, Winter and Spring. In Summer they need the extra day to shear their flocks, card and dye the fleece and spin the wool for their own use or to sell.”

Thank you, Maine-based artist Audra Christie, for hosting the Wednesday Spinners earlier this month at the Weald Bethel Community Center, Cherryfield, ME. And a tip of the hat to the Mission’s Downeast Campus Facilities Manager Scott Shaw for sharing this photo with a note saying, “No amount of snow can stop their Spinning Wheels from turning.

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