Thank you Thursday for WK Construction and Sons

by | May 19, 2021 | Downeast Campus, Scott Shaw, Thank You Thursday, Weald Bethel Community Center

It’s Thank you Thursday. Today’s shout out of Mission love goes to Trey Shaw and WK Construction & Sons of Addison, ME.

Trey and his crew have done an amazing job on the renovation of the Mission EdGE Center and now on the exterior of the Community Services Program Center (food pantry),” said Downeast Campus Facilities and Housing Rehabilitation Manager Scott Shaw. “Trey has been very particular and conscientious about all the work he and his crew do to make sure the buildings are getting the makeover they deserve. They have been very accommodating, working around the hours the food pantry serves clients. Trey even offered up his crew to assist with a food order from Good Shepherd Food Bank,” said Scott Shaw.

In 2018 WK Construction’s lull lift enabled Housing Rehabilitation Program volunteers to complete, on time, the final phase of the Mission’s Weald Bethel Community Center. Two years later, WK Construction came to the rescue when the Mission and other organizations were placing on its foundation a tiny house specially designed and built for a military veteran with a disability.

“Once the tiny house was delivered and placed, WK Construction’s lull lift donation saved the crews so much work getting the overhangs and roofing complete. Trey Shaw from WK Construction & Sons were life savers. I can’t say enough about Trey and his crew. They do quality work. They are very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with,” said Shaw.

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