Providing Turkeys to Washington County

by | Oct 14, 2022 | News

Thanksgiving came a little early last week at the Bayside Market Milbridge as Mission staff members, volunteers and students in the Journey program collected donations for Healthy Acadia’s Turkey-a-Thon. Dressed up in their turkey finery (as well as a few other fruits and vegetables), the Mission collected more than $1,800 in donations. In all, the Turkey-a-Thon raised more than $39,000 that will go to food pantries throughout Washington County. The Turkey-a-Thon is a joint effort between WQDY-FM Classic Hits 92.7 & 95.3FM and Healthy Acadia.

The Mission has been involved in the Turkey-a-Thon for 18 years. Each year money allow our pantry to purchase gift cards which can be used by community members to purchase turkeys or hams for Thanksgiving dinner. Throughout the month of November, the Mission’s pantry hands out around 150 gift cards to families and provides sides for a complete Thanksgiving meal.  

“The Turkey-a-Thon is very impactful fundraiser for multiple reasons for the Mission. It helps raise necessary funds to help our food pantry program purchase turkeys for community members that may need extra support,” said Jenny Jones, Mission Interim Downeast Director. “It also an opportunity for students in our Journey program to help volunteer. And lastly, it is a county-wide effort showing that we are a strong community partner.” 

The event is also an exciting time for many of the staff members at the Downeast campus who spend time at the Bayside Market. Katie Mahoney, EdGE Youth Development Coordinator, was excited to don a turkey costume and help families have a happy Thanksgiving.

“Before I worked at the Mission, I had seen other people raising money for the turkey a thon in Machias. They always looked like they were having such a fun time! As soon as I learned that we participate in the Turkey-a-Thon I was excited to sign up, Mahoney said. “During the Turkey-a-Thon one of our donors said, ‘Your costume is so adorable, I just had to come over and see what this was all about.’ That really made me smile to know that I helped get people’s attention about this amazing cause.”

Find out more about our food security program here.

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