Thank you Thursday for Thinklabs

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Island Health, Island Outreach, Maine Seacoast Mission, News, Sunbeam, Thank You Thursday

It’s Thank you Thursday. Today’s shout out of Mission love goes to our Thinklab friends in Colorado.

Many people first learned of the power of telemedicine — the art of providing health services by internet — when outdated federal restrictions were lifted in the fight against Covid-19. Yet, telemedicine has been a part of Maine Seacoast Mission’s work among remote island communities for several decades.

Just within the last few years, advances in telemedicine equipment have enabled Island Health Services Director Sharon Daley, RN to carry across the islands 12-pounds of gear offering as many health options as Sharon’s equipment aboard the Mission’s 74-foot Sunbeam.

More recently, Thinklabs gifted four island elder care homes digital telemedicine stethoscopes. The Thinklabs One stethoscope is called “the smallest most powerful stethoscope in the world.” The stethoscope data is deliverable in real time to medical doctors or other health professionals on the mainland, which, in turn, saves elder patients time, travel, and expense.

State to State, this is what community looks like.

Thinklabs on the web.

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