EdGE Afterschool Kids Loving Yoga with Everett

EdGE Afterschool Kids Loving Yoga with Everett

Everett Carroll is an EdGE Site Coordinator. EdGE Afterschool Programs, adjusted to new Covid-19 and school protocols, are underway. Everett sent this update on his experience teaching yoga to Pre-K to 6th graders at Milbridge Elementary School.

MILBRIDGE, ME — I have been working at the Milbridge Elementary School teaching yoga to kids Pre-K to 6th grade. They absolutely love it. The teachers are big fans. Sometimes they join in. Yoga is an excellent opportunity for the kids to work hard, get physical exercise, and reflect and unwind. Yoga is also a chance for “mask free” breaks. The kids have their own safe space on the mats.

I clean and wipe down all yoga mats between grades.

When asked what their favorite class is, almost all students said yoga. It has been a great joy and the kids have loved having me there.

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