Reaching Out – This is What Community Looks Like

Reaching Out – This is What Community Looks Like

Greetings from Maine,

As my mother-in-law, Nancy, says when we’re all together as a family, “We’re making memories.” A few memories from the early days of COVID-19 will forever stay with me: a welcoming “Drive Thru” Food Pantry sign made with love; a photo of a single resilient volunteer in a well-stocked food pantry; a gallery full of resilient and helpful Mission staff on my computer screen.

Change and uncertainty are the constant in COVID world. Restrictions evolve in response to the progression of the disease and Mission programs adapt almost as quickly. What seems certain is that the new Mission initiative we call “Project ReachOut” will play an important role in the days ahead.

ReachOut is based on a simple idea; we are all better off when we connect. A kind word and a simple “how can we help?” can make all the difference. Through Project ReachOut, Mission staff and volunteers call Mission friends and neighbors to check in, offer a word of support, and find out how we can help. Sometimes the call is enough. Sometimes we can help in other ways. Always, the personal connection is important. So far we’ve made about 150 calls—150 connections—and we’ve got many, many more to make.

If you want to make phone calls for Project ReachOut on behalf of the Mission you can fill out and submit your volunteer application online. Or you may email [email protected] or call 207-546-5860 and ask for the volunteer application.

Nancy is right, we’re making memories—lots of them these days. By staying connected, by helping out, and by focusing on the beautiful response of good people in a time of crisis, we can make more good memories than bad ones. Let’s do that. I think Nancy will approve.

John Zavodny
President, Maine Seacoast Mission

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