MDIslander – Mission Christmas Events Continue

MDIslander – Mission Christmas Events Continue

Sunbeam crew Christmas 2018. (Photo not part of MDIslander piece.)
Christmas events continue despite pandemic
November 28, 2020 by Ninah Gile on Arts & living, Lifestyle

Mount Desert Maine Seacoast Mission

On Dec. 5, the Maine Seacoast Mission will be lighting up the Sunbeam from bow to stern, with a decorated Christmas tree in the salon. Its new headquarters in Mount Desert will be festively lit up, along with the rest of the town. Folks can stroll past the headquarters to see lights as they shop or walk down to the marina. In addition to what is happening in Northeast Harbor, the Mission is continuing the tradition of delivering their “White Gifts” (Christmas gifts) to children and elders throughout the community, including the outer islands, around Christmas. For more information, visit

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