Thank you Thursday to Maine Coast Heritage Trust

Thank you Thursday to Maine Coast Heritage Trust

It’s Thank you Thursday. Today’s shout out of Mission love goes to the Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT). The MCHT mission statement is that they conserve and steward Maine’s coastal lands and islands for their renowned scenic beauty, ecological value, outdoor recreational opportunities, and contribution to community well-being. MCHT provides statewide conservation leadership through its work with land trusts, coastal communities and other partners.

MCHT and the Maine Seacoast Mission’s EdGE program have been partnering for over nine years to bring outdoor recreational opportunities to students in Washington County.

Over the years, the programming has ranged from hiking during the afterschool program, weekend activities, outing clubs, and opportunities to explore the MCHT preserves during summer camps. The MCHT stewards that work with the students have always been great at sharing their love of nature with the students.

Thank you to all the MCHT stewards who have been involved in helping bring the appreciation of the outdoors to the children of Washington County.
This is what community looks like.

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