Thank you Thursday to Jasmine Church and Tristan Alley

Thank you Thursday to Jasmine Church and Tristan Alley

It’s Thank you Thursday. Today’s shout out of Mission Love goes to Tristan Alley and Jasmine Church, for their inspiring leadership and heart on behalf of Downeast students!

These young leaders represent the best of Maine Seacoast Mission: having benefited from Mission programming and support, they now contribute to Mission communities through their passionate dedication to our younger Mission students.

Tristan Alley is a Mission Scholar and Mitchell Scholar. He grew up in Jonesport, graduated Jonesport Beals High School in 2015, and graduated Husson University in 2019. Today he’s in his second year of Chiropractic School at Logan University, Saint Louis, MO. From serving as a chaperon and facilitating workshops at our first College Exploration and Engagement retreat last summer to serving on this year’s interview committee for Mission Scholars, Tristan gives of himself fully, authentically and enthusiastically.

Jasmine Church, from Columbia Falls, is a 2020 Narraguagus High School graduate. During her high school years she participated in Bowdoin’s Upward Bound program. She is entering freshman year at University of Maine, Farmington, and plans to pursue Secondary Education and Mathematics. Jasmine participated in EdGE programming before becoming an EdGE student through our GearUp Program. She served as a Mentor with our Journey Program. “She will move mountains and be an amazing teacher,” said Journey Coordinator Briana West.

This is what community looks like.

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