‘Sunbeam’ Breaks Ice, Islesford Lobsterman Goes to Work

‘Sunbeam’ Breaks Ice, Islesford Lobsterman Goes to Work

In a March 5, 2019 email, Sunbeam V Captain Mike Johnson sent these photos of the Sunbeam as icebreaker, with this back story:

This morning I got a call from local boatyard Henry R. Abel and Co., asking if we could break ice so they could launch lobster boat Victoria, owned by Islesford lobsterman Richard Howland.

The first photo shows the Sunbeam V heading into the dock. Photos two and three show Victoria in the sling and icebound.

The final photo is of our departure through the channel we broke.

Maine Seacoast Mission thanks Cheryl Grindle at Henry R. Abel and Co. for a) shooting this Sunbeam icebreaking video, and b) letting the Mission share the video with the public.

Learn more about the Sunbeam V‘s work.

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