Everyone Loves Bernie and Billy

Everyone Loves Bernie and Billy

Billy and Bernie. (Photo by Jillian.)

ISLE AU HAUT, ME – Thank you to Jillian for this joyful profile of two longstanding Mission friends.

“It is absolutely wonderful to have Bernie and Billy back aboard the Sunbeam. They are Isle au Haut’s matriarch and patriarch of the Barter family, with four generations spending time on the island these days.

“Billy grew up on Isle au Haut. He and Bernie married young and have been sweet on each other ever since. Billy tells great stories. He can barely get out a joke punch line before laughing himself.

“Bernie has always been a fashionista. She loves prints, velvet, colorful jewelry and big boots. She also loves volleyball and town parades.

“Last week, Sunbeam Engineer Storey helped Bernie tune her new pink guitar during our visit to Isle au Haut. Bernie wants to learn to play.

“Billy still lobsters some with his son and has gotten into baking, making fine pies. I ate one of his squash cookies with chocolate chips. Yum.

“I love Bernie and Billy. Everyone does!”

Thank you Thursday for IAH Ferry Capt Mike Moffett

Thank you Thursday for IAH Ferry Capt Mike Moffett

It’s Thank you Thursday. Today’s shout out of Mission love goes to Isle au Haut ferry Captain Mike Moffett.

Sunbeam Captain Mike Johnson explains, “The ferry is a lifeline for any island. The Isle au Haut ferry carries passengers and freight from its home port in Stonington to the public landing in the Isle au Haut thoroughfare.

“One of the captains is Mike Moffett,” continues Capt. Johnson. “Mike is superb at the wheel, and is quick with a smile for those around him. As a fellow user of the landing, the Sunbeam works carefully with the ferry service to coordinate use of the facility. Mike is easy to work with, and we share a mutual respect of both organizations.

“Mike has also been seen aboard the Sunbeam as a fill-in first mate. His skills are equally impressive on our ship where he stands watch and mingles with our friends on the islands with a comfortable familiarity,” said Johnson.

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Isle au Haut – Mission Christmas Service and Island Holiday Spectacular

Isle au Haut – Mission Christmas Service and Island Holiday Spectacular

ISLE AU HAUT, ME — On December 19th, Isle au Haut children put on their annual Holiday Spectacular; Mission Island Outreach Director Douglas Cornman led the community in the annual Christmas service.

A community potluck prior to the program turned out approximately 100 islanders and guests.

The Christmas service included Douglas reading the account of Jesus’ birth from Luke’s Gospel. He was accompanied by some pretty hearty cooing and babbling from one of the babies. It was cute and I’m sure challenging for Douglas.

Douglas and Island Institute Fellow, Molly, led the group in singing traditional Christmas Carols.

Douglas and Sunbeam V Steward Jillian arranged the Mission’s traditional white-wrapping-red-string presents for every island kid under the tree. At the end of the evening Douglas stood in for Santa.

Every island kid received a hand knit sweater, mittens, and/or a hat. Lots of oohs and aahs at the gorgeous knitting. Director Cornman said afterwards, “These amazing kids love getting the knitted items more than they seem to like the toys.” And every island Kid got a congratulatory rose from their teacher, Marcella.

Special Times and People on Isle au Haut

Special Times and People on Isle au Haut

BAR HARBOR, ME — The Mission boat, Sunbeam V, is never better loved, perhaps, than when island communities gather for companionship and a meal inside the Sunbeam salon. Sunbeam Steward Jillian always has delicious food to offer. Jillian’s meals, in turn, are often enhanced by homemade dishes brought aboard the Sunbeam by islanders.

With the Sunbeam V out of the water for a routine major refit, the Sunbeam crew chose to keep alive the gatherings for conversation and food in new places among the islands.

Island Health Services Director Sharon Daley, RN this week snapped some photos this week of “Taco night at the Parsonage on Isle au Haut” really capturing the spirit of celebration.

“Good to be together,” said Sharon. “Special times and people telling wonderful stories and memories and building more.”

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Mission President Meets and Greets Swan’s Island Community Members

Mission President Meets and Greets Swan’s Island Community Members

Maine Seacoast Mission President John Zavodny (wearing blue pants) speaks with Isle au Haut residents.

BAR HARBOR, ME — Maine Seacoast Mission President John Zavodny, Island Outreach Director and Chaplain Douglas Cornman, and Sunbeam Steward Jillian, traveled to Swan’s Island on Sunday, August 11, to meet with community members.

Lots of people showed up to meet John and share their thoughts on how Maine Seacoast Mission can continue it’s relationship with the island.

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