High Praise for EdGE Staff Members

High Praise for EdGE Staff Members

An EdGE student leaf rubbing at D.W. Merritt Elementary.

CHERRYFIELD, ME – EdGE Director Isaac Marnik, and Downeast Director Mel Adams, had high praise this week for the several full-time EdGE staff members who shouldered the added work of running EdGE after-school programs. Without them, said Isaac, the after-school programs could not have stayed open.

“We are open at all seven school locations. We had 333 students attend at least one day of an EdGE after-school program,” said Isaac.

Mel Adams said the EdGE staff really leveraged all their mental, physical, emotional energy to ensure that EdGE continued on throughout this time period. “Thank you can never be enough,” he said.

Interested in engaging youth at our after-school program? Jobs are open for EdGE after-school staff in Machias and Harrington! Plus, the Mission offers a $100 sign-on bonus after 60 days. New staffers will lead activities, oversee groups of children, and work alongside EdGE site coordinators.

“We hope to have another good month of programming going forward,” said Isaac.

People & Places – Isaac Marnik

People & Places – Isaac Marnik

CHERRYFIELD, ME – I joined the Mission in 2005 as a Site Coordinator for the EdGE Program, worked until 2008 when I pursued other adventures, before returning to the Mission in 2011. I have worked here since. Currently I am Director of the EdGE Program. The strength of the relationships and connections the Mission makes with children, families, and communities brought me back to Maine and the Mission.

Having grown up in Maine, there are many beautiful places that I have enjoyed. Recently my favorite place is simply getting outside with the family, being able to see the excitement of my toddler as he explores. From looking at birds in the backyard to discovering what is underneath seaweed near the ocean. His excitement makes those places my favorite place to be.

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Mission Hosts Island Fellows Retreat at Weald Bethel

Mission Hosts Island Fellows Retreat at Weald Bethel

CHERRYFIELD, ME — On July 30, Downeast Campus Facilities Manager Scott Shaw wrote, “We just hosted the overnight Island Fellows Retreat at the Weald Bethel Community Center! It feels great to have the building in use again and the group thoroughly enjoyed their stay,” said Scott.

According to the Island Institute, “The Island Institute’s Island Fellows Program is one of the signature programs of the Island Institute. Fellowships provide opportunity for recent graduates to apply their skills and gain experience helping to build sustainability within communities whose way of life and identity face many challenges.”

“The Fellows were treated to a team building and ropes course element thanks to Isaac Marnik and the group also helped clean up some of our trail system while here,” said Scott Shaw.

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An Update on EdGE Fall Afterschool Program Registration

An Update on EdGE Fall Afterschool Program Registration

With Covid-19 in play, we want to measure family interest before finalizing our EdGE afterschool programming for this year. With enough family interest, we plan to launch the EdGE afterschool program around October 12th. Exact date to be announced as soon as possible.

For schools able to offer a modified EdGE program this Fall, we will closely align EdGE with each school’s protocols and procedures.

At this point, the EdGE afterschool program is open to students attending schools during the day in person. We are unable right now to provide programming to home schooled and remote learning students.

Here is the timeline of EdGE applications and possible start dates:

EdGE afterschool program registration started this week of September 14th. The registration deadline is October 1, 2020. This year it is more important than ever for applications to be turned in by the October 1st deadline so we can determine how and whether to offer EdGE programs in our schools.”

NOTE: We strongly urge families who can, to please register using our online application. Here’s the application page link.

Please direct questions to Isaac Marnik, Interim Director of EdGE at [email protected] or 546-4466.

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