It’s Thank you Thursday  to Healthy Acadia

It’s Thank you Thursday to Healthy Acadia

It’s Thank you Thursday and today’s shout out of Mission Love goes to Healthy Acadia.

Search the Mission’s blog for Healthy Acadia mentions. You will see quickly how Maine Seacoast Mission’s many partnerships with HA touch our services and programs on land and sea in Washington and Hancock Counties, from help distributing food to local pantries, to hosting island telehealth smoking cessation programs.

Based in both Ellsworth and Machias, HA’s mission is to help build healthy communities through empowering people and organizations Downeast. In the broad sense of the term, Healthy Acadia’s helps people lead healthy lives.

We remember last summer, long before Covid-19, the delicious Downeast Table of Plenty spaghetti supper with salads and vegetable stir fried dishes prepared and served by teens and staff from HA’s Teen Ag Summer Program. Teen Ag is a wonderful program that introduces healthy foods to teens, and shows them how to grow healthy foods and prepare them for healthy eating.

HA is also a valued participant among 20 or so health care providers at the Mission hosted Health Fairs, where islanders are offered free hearing tests by an audiologist, blood sugar checks, information on breast self exam, hospice, domestic violence and home health care.

As the Mission looks forward to continuing our healthy partnerships with Healthy Acadia, we invite you to visit HA on their website or on Facebook.

This is what community looks like.

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On Facebook:

Big Weekend at DETOP for Great Maine Scavenger Hunters

Big Weekend at DETOP for Great Maine Scavenger Hunters

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Last weekend was a “big weekend” at our Downeast Community Campus for Down East magazine’s Great Maine Scavenger Hunt volunteers, said Mission Service Program Director Wendy Harrington.

The Hunt’s purpose is to send “Down East readers out to explore all 35,385 square miles of Maine — from mountains to sea, from potato fields to city streets — in pursuit of the best Maine summer ever.” One item on the Hunt’s list is to be at a “Community Supper in Cherryfield.”

“We had nine participants help prepare and serve the meal on Sunday,” said Director Wendy Harrington. “Teens and staff from Healthy Acadia’s Teen Ag Summer Program harvested, prepared and served a delicious spaghetti supper with lots of delicious salads and vegetable stir fried dishes,” Harrington said.

Learn how you can attend and/or sponsor a Table of Plenty Community Supper. Click here.

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