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What healthcare looks like for Maine’s island dwellers
Living on an island adds a layer of complexity to all aspects of daily life, including managing one’s health.
Author: Hannah Dineen — August 7, 2019

MOUNT DESERT, Maine — Maine’s island dwellers are resilient and self-sufficient people.

However, with limited medical resources on the islands, it’s difficult for them to be self-sufficient when it comes to healthcare.

On most Maine islands, there are no medical professionals. Some have a team of civilians prepared to respond to emergency medical situations, but that’s it.

For many islanders, a trip to the doctor is an expensive endeavor that could take a full day of traveling.

Fortunately for them, there’s a group of health professionals who have made it their mission to bring healthcare from the mainland to the islands.

They work through a program called The Maine Seacoast Mission.

Sharon Daley has been the Director of Island Health Services for the Maine Seacoast Mission for the last 18-years.

“The work is important because life on the islands is important, yet it’s a way of life that’s somewhat challenged these days,” says Daley.

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