It’s Thank you Thursday for Bayside Shop ‘n Save

It’s Thank you Thursday for Bayside Shop ‘n Save

It’s Thank you Thursday and today’s shout out of Mission Love goes to the retail supermarket Bayside Shop ‘n Save in Milbridge.

Ask Mission staff working throughout the front lines of any and all of our food security services and programs. Their responses are always glowing and succinct. Case in point: Jillian, who is a powerhouse with food activities at our Downeast Campus, Cherryfield, says of Bayside Shop ‘n Save’s work with the Mission: “Bayside Shop ‘n Save has a strong commitment to our local community and donates surplus produce and bakery items every week. They rock.”

The past several months, when Covid-19 fallout caused our Food Pantry customers to more than double, Bayside never flinched. Their commitment to their community kept pace with increased demand.

Whether it is providing great tasting food for the popular Downeast Table of Plenty Sunday Dinners, saying yes to Food Pantry volunteers using Bayside’s parking area to successfully raise money to buy turkeys for Washington County Food Pantries to have for Thanksgiving — Bayside Shop ‘n Save does it all.

This is what community looks like.

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