Sunbeam V Becomes a Floating Classroom

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Island Outreach, Maine Seacoast Mission, News, Sunbeam

ABOARD THE SUNBEAM, ME — Buzz Scott & Paul Savoy of OceansWide, a non-profit organization whose mission is to put students and scientists together at sea in the Gulf of Maine, helped the school students from Islesford and Great Cranberry Islands explore the water and seabed around their islands using OceansWide’s underwater remote operated vehicle.

Each student learned how to fly the ROV (remotely operated vehicle), and was given time to explore to their heart’s delight. It was a beautiful day on the water, a great day for learning.

Thanks Buzz, Paul and OceansWide for freely sharing your knowledge and love of our beautiful ocean.

More photos.

Island Outreach Director Douglas Cornman

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