Sunbeam Island Outreach Brings ‘Painting Islands’ to 15 Outer Islands

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Events, Island Outreach, Sunbeam

BAR HARBOR, ME — Through Island Outreach, I will be taking Howie’s Painting Islands: Uniting Community with Art photos to the fourteen island communities that have, thus far, participated in the project. I will also take the exhibit to Vinalhaven, the fifteenth island, which completes Howie’s effort.

The Sunbeam V can tie-up on six out of the fifteen islands. On these islands, the exhibit hangs in the Sunbeam’s salon. People are welcome on board to view the photos and tour the boat. The exhibit is open between 3:00-6:00 pm on each island, depending on how long we can remain at the island’s dock.

For the other nine islands, I will travel with the exhibit by mail boat or ferry. The exhibit will be displayed somewhere on the island – anywhere large enough to exhibit the collection. I am making arrangements with community centers, churches, parsonages.

I hope to get to each of the fifteen islands by the end of October, so that both year-round and seasonal community members have an opportunity to see Howie’s Painting Islands photos. Each island’s exhibit date and time is communicated through each island’s Facebook page, email, posters and word of mouth.

Those interested in attending the exhibit on their island should look for announcements through any one of these outlets. Or contact me directly by email.

Prints of Howie Motenko’s Painting Islands photos are available for purchase online. All profits from these sales are dedicated to the Maine Seacoast Mission.

Douglas Cornman
Director of Island Outreach

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