Shelby Young Applied for and Received a Mission Scholarship – Why Not You?

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Maine Seacoast Mission, News, Scholarships

Shelby Young applied for and received a Mission scholarship. Why not you?

BAR HARBOR, ME — Maine Seacoast Mission’s Scholarship Program 2020 Application and Re-Application are available now for downloading online. The deadline postmark for applying for a Mission scholarship is May 1, 2020.

Since 1918, the Mission has awarded almost $3 million to 3,692 deserving students. Each year the Mission awards approximately 30 new scholarships based on student financial needs and academic promise. Scholarships can be renewed each year of a multi-year program, resulting in nearly 100 Mission scholarships in any given year.

In 2019 the Mission renewed 60 scholarships totaling $106,500, and awarded 28 new scholarships totaling $59,000.

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