Penobscot Island Air – A Wonderful Mission Partner

by | May 12, 2020 | Island Health, Island Outreach, Maine Seacoast Mission, News, Sunbeam

MATINICUS ISLAND, ME — With the Sunbeam out of the water for a refit, and our temporary boat, Moonbeam, out of the water for the cold weather months, the Mission has partnered more often with our allies Penobscot Island Air, to carry out work on some of the islands. May 11, 2020’s air trip to-and-from Matinicus Island to restock the food pantry is a case in point.

Standing on the ground at Matinicus Airport, watching the Penobscot Island Air plane land and depart is something to see — and not many people get to see it happen.

Here’s a short clip made in January 2018 during a Sunbeam telemedicine visit to Matinicus. A New York Times writer and a photographer were on board for the three-day trip. They asked to see the Matinicus Airport. While we were there, the Mission’s communications and marketing guy shot this clip with an iPhone. The plane is arriving from Rockland, ME, delivering the island mail and a school superintendent.

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