A New Look for the Mission’s Website

by | Jan 6, 2022 | News

Over the last several months, we worked with the Belfast-based design team Pica to reimagine the Mission’s new website. We are delighted to share it with you today. 

With deep gratitude to an anonymous donor who funded the project, our new site conveys the Mission’s story and reflects Mission values. As our go-to digital destination, the site demonstrates the difference we make in people’s lives. 


When partnering with a diversity of community members and organizations, it is important to meet people where they are. The new site offers accessibility options and can be read in multiple languages. In the top right corner, a circular blue button offers adaptive settings to adjust the site. By clicking a menu in the bottom right corner, content is available in English, French, or Spanish.  


In the menu under Our Work, each program has a detailed page with a description and contact information. We also divided programming into the Mission’s two place-based areas: Sunbeam and Downeast. The intent is to be more explicit about how a program ties to specific geography. The News page features articles and stories about our work. These include the monthly e-newsletter, press releases, newspaper and magazine clippings, and more.


Incorporated in 1905, Maine Seacoast Mission has a long and storied past. To highlight standout moments, turn to the History page. Acting as a living document, the timeline will grow to include our large archive of photographs, documents, objects, and other ephemera. 

How to Donate

The Mission could not do its important work without the generosity of its donors. For individuals and organizations wishing to give, the Donate page details ways to become involved. This includes the Mission Fund, the Hope Society, corporate sponsorship, scholarships, and volunteering opportunities

We hope you take a moment to explore the website. It is our primary way for new and longtime supporters, friends, and partners to learn more about the Mission, our programs, and our people. With questions or comments, please email Director of Marketing Kierie Piccininni.

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