New Mission Family and Community Resource Coordinator

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Downeast Campus, Maine Seacoast Mission, News

Stephanie Moores

The Downeast Campus in Cherryfield has a rich history of supporting youth and families through the EdGE, EdGE Journey, and Downeast Services Programs. When thinking about how to deepen our collaborations across the Downeast Campus, and to expand our whole family engagement supports, it was important to find a passionate, energetic, professional individual with a great sense of humor who could work alongside youth and their families.

We found that person in our new Family and Community Resource Coordinator, Stephanie Moores. Being an EdGE parent with an EdGE family, Stephanie understands how to engage youth and how to support families.

Downeast Director Melvin D. Adams III, Ed.D.


CHERRYFIELD, ME — I am excited about my new Mission role. I have had a connection with the Mission for many years, starting with the Christmas Program when my children were in Pre-K. All my children were involved in EdGE and the Journey programs.

The Mission really focuses on supporting the family as a whole. Family engagement is so important. With a large family of my own, we always look for opportunities to do things together. Not only does the Mission provide quality after-school programming through the EdGE program, it also provides opportunities for quality family experiences.

In my former role as Mission Food Security Programs Coordinator, I built connections with individuals in the community. And I look forward in my new role to building connections with students and their families; to become a resource for those who may have a need.

Family and Community Resource Coordinator Stephanie Moores

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