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The Maine Seacoast Mission: Beacons of Hope

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See some of the Mission’s vast archives at the Great Harbor Maritime Museum this summer. Stop by the Museum at 124 Main Street in Northeast Harbor (right around the corner from the Mission’s administrative offices) seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to see “Beacons of Hope,” which highlights the Mission’s more than a century of work supporting island and coastal communities in Maine. 

At the show, learn more about Mission’s history from our founding in 1905 and see how much of the work we did then is the same as it is today. From providing healthcare to education, while where and how may be different the goals are still the same: to strengthen coastal and island communities by educating youth, supporting families, and promoting good health.

Some of the things on display include: our portable dentist chair from the 1930s, models of Sunbeam III and Sunbeam IV, hooked rugs and quilt made by island residents, and much more. 

Our work is your work, made possible by your generous gifts.

No matter how hard times get, the Mission will be there, helping sustain and strengthen families and communities. Please join us. Your donations bring warmth when it’s cold, shed light where it’s dark, and give strength when burdens grow heavy.

Contact us to donate, volunteer, or arrange for planned giving.

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