Mission Downeast Campus Hosts Harvest Table Cooking Classes

by | Jul 28, 2019 | Downeast Campus, Maine Seacoast Mission, News

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July 25, 2019 by Johanna S. Billings on Arts & living, Lifestyle

Incredible Edible “brings people together,” said Chris Kuhni, executive director of the Women’s Health Resource Library, which is behind the effort. In fact, the idea for the cookbook, “The Humble Veggie,” came from the fact that garden visitors enjoyed swapping recipes and cooking advice.

The gardens provide food for the community as well as exercise and social time.

As word spread about the gardens, everyone has been supportive.

Kuhni said WHRL is offering vegetable cooking classes. A harvest table cooking class runs from July through March at the Maine Seacoast Mission campus in Cherryfield. Others are in the works.

“We’ve wanted to get the cooking piece in there for a long time,” Stewart said.

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