Maine Seacoast Mission’s Great Visit to Boothbay Harbor

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Maine Seacoast Mission, News, Sunbeam

The Mission had a great time Saturday, July 15th in Boothbay Harbor, and again, on Sunday, July 16th at Oceans Point in East Boothbay. Thank you, Sue and Paul Taylor for inviting us and for being such wonderful hosts.

These photos, in chronological order, show the Sunbeam V in Boothbay Harbor on Saturday afternoon, guests who boarded the Sunbeam V in Boothbay Harbor for a cruise and a Q&A about the Mission and its work.

Sunday was a reunion of the Mission and Wilson Chapel at Oceans Point. Wilson Chapel was celebrating its 100th Anniversary. Mission President Reverand Scott Planting gave the Sunday service marking the 96th year someone from Maine Seacoast Mission spoke at a Wilson Chapel service.

The service ended with a tribute to friend, musician, and Wilson Chapel organist Danny Beal, who died in January 2017. Churchgoers and Castlebay sang Danny Beal’s favorite hymn, Let The Lower Lights Be Burning. Here is a rendition of that hymn.

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