Housing Rehab Friends and Families

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Downeast Campus, Housing Rehabilitation, Scott Shaw

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Mission Housing Rehabilitation Manager Scott Shaw tells us, “The Housing Rehab Friends and Families Program is underway. I have been visiting homes and following up on projects as we order materials for them.”

The friends and family element is a response to 2020’s Covid restrictions. Normally, the Mission Housing Rehabilitation Program has the help of many volunteers. With most volunteers unable to help with the 2020 work because of Covid restrictions, the Mission developed the friends and family model.

Homeowners can still apply for help repairing their homes. Scott Shaw will still review those homes to assess work and materials needed. Applicants with family/friends able to do the work on their homes, with Scott’s supervision, are provided the materials and, if needed, guidance.

Scott Shaw said of the homes pictured here, “These homes will be weatherized by our partners Downeast Community Partners after the work is completed.”

Learn more about the Mission’s Housing Rehabilitation Program.

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