Food Pantry Update – 55 Families Served, Use Drive-Through

by | May 13, 2020 | COVID-19 Updates, Downeast Campus, Food Pantry, Maine Seacoast Mission, News

CHERRYFIELD, ME — On Tuesday, May 12, 55 families used our drive-thru food pantry. Some families picked up commodities and a food box, and we delivered food to other families.

Today’s theme was corn chowder. We gave out potatoes, heavy cream, corn and a recipe.

We tried something new today. We put all our produce outside where people driving in could see it. This way each family could tell us their fresh produce preference. It worked extremely well. People loved the idea.

I know I say this every time but the Food Pantry staff is amazing. Tuesday, even at its busiest, the staff put out quality food boxes, they were always upbeat and ready to help in any way possible. As our patrons’ needs increase, and I have to spend more time with food business at the computer and on the phone, I know the Food Pantry is in capable hands.

Megan Smith
Interim Food Pantry Manager
Community Resource Coordinator – Maine Seacoast Mission

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