Fifteen Roses for Mission College Readiness Student

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Maine Seacoast Mission, News

Photo of Ana Rosa Valencia Jungo Courtesy Ellsworth American

BAR HARBOR, ME — Mission Director of Student Pathways Christina Griffith brought this Ellsworth American story to our attention. Ana Rosa Valencia Jungo, said Director Griffith, “is one of our wonderful college readiness students.” The Mission’s college readiness program provides mentoring and support as students involved transition to and through college.
Fifteen roses
March 4, 2020 – by Rebecca Alley

SULLIVAN — In Hispanic culture, a young girl’s passage to womanhood and her faith is celebrated at age 15 in the quinceañera (pronounced keen-say-en-yera), said to date back to the ancient Aztec Indians in Mexico). In the 1500s, age 15 was considered the midway point in an Aztec girl’s lifespan. Under Spanish rule, the rite of passage morphed into a ball and incorporated traditional Catholic beliefs.

Last December, Ana Rosa Valencia Jungo and her three siblings traveled to western Mexico to celebrate her own quinceañera in her parents Elio Valencia and Rosalba Jungo’s home state of Michoacan. Her sisters Yesenia, 21, Adriana, 20, and Angel, 14, went too.

A sophomore at Sumner Memorial High School…Ana Rosa’s parents spent much of last year planning their youngest daughter’s quinceañera in Santa Ana Maya.

“It’s coming out and becoming a woman,” Ana Rosa summed up, adding, “you aren’t a kid anymore, you should be making good decisions in your life.”

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