Erica Hutchinson joins Mission as Director of Development

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Employment, News

Color photo of Erica Hutchinson smiling. She has white skin, and a gray-blonde bob and wears a black jacket.

On April 25th, the Maine Seacoast Mission will welcome Erica Hutchinson as its new Director of Development. She comes to the Mission with experience in fundraising and relationship management gained at respected Maine institutions. Erica’s primary responsibility will be to continue uninterrupted financial support locally, regionally, and nationally for the Mission’s vital programs and services.

In January, the Mission’s Search Advisory Committee began a ten-week search process and recommended Erica from a diverse pool of highly qualified candidates. She brings a wealth of knowledge gained from the nonprofit sector. Her in-depth experience of donor relations, grant management, and strategic planning will help meet the Mission’s fundraising and organizational goals. Erica also possesses a successful track record of grant awards with private foundations, federal contracts, and corporate grant programs.

President John Zavodny shares, “We are delighted to bring Erica Hutchinson aboard. She has a contagious authenticity and innate ability to connect with people. Mix in her planning and operational acumen, and Erica is a perfect fit for Maine Seacoast Mission.”

“Understanding an individual, an organization, and even a community is key in supporting the work to be accomplished,” Erica explains. “Supporting and guiding development activities for an integral nonprofit like Maine Seacoast Mission is where I belong. Listening to donors express the desire to create an impactful gift and how to provide that opportunity for them is purely a joyful experience and one I have always treasured.”

Color photo of Erica Hutchinson smiling. She has white skin, and a gray-blonde bob and wears a black jacket.

In her role as Dean of Advancement and Executive Director of EMCC Foundation, Erica met fundraising and enrollment goals by nurturing giving through endowment and annual funds. As Unity College’s Chief Advancement Officer, she led efforts to recruit students, raise funds, and increase the national awareness of the Institution. Prior to that, Erica served as the Development Director for the Charlotte White Center.

John Zavodny adds, “Throughout her career, Erica has been drawn to service-oriented work. I think she’ll love being a part of an organization whose very purpose is to build community and help people realize their best selves.”

Erica is community-minded in her hometown, too. She has offered her time and energy to multiple organizations including the Maine School Board Association, Rotary, and is an active member of her family’s church.

“I am thrilled to join a nonprofit organization where the mission is the guiding force,” Erica says. “Humble service is the foundation of creating stronger families, stronger communities and ultimately a more joyful world.”

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