EdGE After School Staff Member Laura Thomas Named MEA ‘Inspiring Educator’

by | Dec 1, 2016 | Downeast Campus, EdGE, News

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Laura Thomas is the English as a second language (ESL) teacher for RSU 37, an EdGE after school staff member, and coordinator of the Maine Seacoast Mission sponsored Milbridge Elementary School Food Cupboard.

In nominating Laura Thomas for the Maine Education Association’s Inspiring Educator award, fellow teacher Suzen Polk-Hofses wrote, in part, “…Laura Thomas…goes the extra mile for all our students at Milbridge Elementary[, and] truly understands the issue of food insecurity [some] students face…daily…. Laura is that type of  educator that students look up to, that parents want their child to have, and that other educators strive to be,” said Ms. Polk-Hofses.

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