Registration open for EdGE afterschool

by | Aug 30, 2023 | News

A new school year is starting, which means EdGE afterschool is starting soon! Registration is now open for this year’s program. EdGE offers afterschool programs for students at seven schools in Washington County: Beals Elementary, Cherryfield Elementary, D.W. Merritt Elementary in Addison, Harrington Elementary, Jonesport Elementary, Milbridge Elementary, and Rose M. Gaffney Elementary in Machias. Homeschoolers in these school districts are also welcome to attend. This year’s EdGE afterschool programs will be begin in October and run throughout the school year.  

EdGE afterschool programs offer educational, social, and outdoor experiences for students who can participate in experiential, creative, thought-provoking activities with their peers. Students also receive homework support. The EdGE program also supports food security and healthy eating habits by providing nutritious snacks. During the 2022-2023 school year, 485 students in Washington County attended at least one EdGE afterschool session.  

The Mission’s EdGE Youth Development Coordinators manage afterschool programs, which are also staffed by school district teachers, outdoor coordinators, artists, college, and high school students. EdGE Primary Program Director Isaac Marnik says, “Staff are currently preparing for afterschool programming and are excited to start working with students at each of the schools. We look forward to offering a variety of activities and opportunities for students to enjoy.” 

Parents or guardians at these seven schools can register online. For help with registration, please call (207) 546-4466. Registration is open throughout the school year.  

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