DETOP – Fresh Food, Piano, and Dish Angels

by | Sep 7, 2021 | DETOP, Maine Seacoast Mission, News, Weald Bethel Community Center

Photos and Story by Jillian

CHERRYFIELD, ME – Oh boy, what a fresh, delectable meal we had Sunday at our beloved Downeast Table of Plenty. Zabet, Morgan and Matt fed us in style. The supper had Latin leanings. Everyone raved about it while eating.

Most of the produce was donated from Folklore Farm and their personal gardens.

I learned about two delicious Mexican culinary herbs used in dishes served: papalo and pipicha. Papalo tastes a bit like cilantro and Pipicha tastes akin to fresh coriander with overtones of lemon and anise.

After readying the dining room, Loraine and I ran to The Incredible Edible garden to pick up cilantro for the supper. If you have yet to visit this “If it’s ripe, pick it” community garden in Milbridge, you are missing out.

Mark entertaining us thru open doors while we dined outside. Tessa who is often a big kitchen help, likes to play piano while we clean up after the meal. Dish angels last week were Aaron, David, Steve and Matt.

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