Dedication: Sunbeam Crew Ahead of the Snowstorm

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Colket Center, Island Health, Island Outreach, Maine Seacoast Mission, News, Scott Planting, Sunbeam

Sunbeam V at Matinicus Island 2018

BAR HARBOR, ME — Following a lunch meeting at the Mission’s Colket Center headquarters, Sunbeam V Captain Mike Johnson, Island Health Director Sharon Daley, and Island Outreach Director Douglas Cornman traveled to the Sunbeam in Northeast Harbor.

The crew had appointments on Vinalhaven and Matinicus Islands. But they were also watching the snowstorm due to hit Maine between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm Tuesday, February 12. Conditions were right, Capt. Mike Johnson said at yesterday afternoon’s meeting, for icing. That is, ice buildup on the Sunbeam exterior, which is especially bad news if you’re on the ocean, miles from land.

Capt. Johnson came up with a workaround plan, requiring the Sunbeam crew to travel off-schedule at odd hours, but enabling the crew to keep its island appointments in advance of the impending snowstorm.

In an email this morning to Mission President Scott Planting, Capt. Johnson said of the boat and crew:

We got to Vinalhaven around 6:30 PM and had dinner and went to bed. We got up at 11:45 PM and made the 1hour and 15 minute run to Matinicus.

There was slight icing on the run to Vinalhaven and none on the trip to Matinicus due to the downwind nature of the route. I don’t always get every detail perfect, but this one was planned well and was a comfortable easy trip.

We leave here today at 2PM.

President Planting said of Captain Johnson’s message: This is dedication.

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