‘Charlie’s Challenge’ Trail Marker Honors EdGE Director’s Belief in Kids

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Downeast Campus, EdGE, Maine Seacoast Mission, News

Wendy & Charlie Harrington stand next to the new “Charlie’s Challenge” trail marker.

CHERRYFIELD, ME — The June 8th celebration party of EdGE Director Charlie Harrington at the Mission’s Downeast Campus was a festive success.

Lots of folks gathered to celebrate Charlie’s legacy,” said Mission Director of Development Chris Stelling. ”EdGE kids, former EdGE kids, EdGE and Mission staff, Board members, former Board members, school teachers and administrators, neighbors/community members, current and past Presidents, Charlie and Wendy’s family.”

Look for more photos to follow.

Meanwhile, Director Stelling sends this photo of Charlie and Wendy Harrington with a new “Charlie’s Challenge” trail marker unveiled at the party. “The Charlie’s Challenge adventure course will honor Charlie’s legacy of belief in the greatness of Washington County kids,” said Director Stelling.

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