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Help us raise $1.8 million to transform the Cherryfield property into a welcoming and adaptable campus.

Through our programs and people, we create belonging every day. And we believe that our Downeast Campus, buildings, and program areas should be just as welcoming, work just as hard, and serve just as thoughtfully. These communities deserve nothing less. We know you feel the same way.

From the flexible and welcoming new Downeast Engagement Center at the head of campus to thoughtfully integrated program spaces for youth development, community building, workshops, play, and overnight retreats—the capital improvements will build stronger social connections, provide more healthy meals and food classes, raise aspirations in children, knit families closer together, and help communities achieve their goals.

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“I needed help. Receiving repairs on my home or groceries made me feel better about my life. It gave me confidence to go outside my comfort zone. I’m now in a position where I can give that kind of help.”
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The Campus

The Downeast Campus has been a source of comfort, support, and community for generations of Maine residents in Washington and eastern Hancock Counties. Located in Cherryfield and donated to the Mission in 1963, the property evolved from a privately-owned family estate to a 63-acre mainstay for our work. Today, the campus includes the serene Weald Bethel Community Center, an active food pantry and administration building, and the bustling Ed and Connie Greaves Education Center. The property also features riverside trails, a high ropes course, Adirondack shelter, and a campfire circle.

 “Because of the Maine Seacoast Mission, my children could be children and not worry about Christmas, or bills being paid, or food in the cupboard. They just made all of the things that matter okay.”

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Thank you for your enduring support.

“I believe so deeply in this campaign that I have already given my gift! I ask you to join me in supporting this transformational work.”


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