Visualizing the Mission’s Impact

by | Jan 23, 2023 | News

Three color photos in a line. The first is people gathering to eat. The second is people painting a house. The third is a girl laying on the ground next to a drawing of balloons.

Like most nonprofits, the Mission measures our impact with numbers. Yet it can be difficult to imagine what a number signifies. Consider the investment our community members, volunteers, donors, and staff make in Mainers’ lives last year: 

A color photo of a group of volunteers in front of a house

Our Housing Rehabilitation volunteers donated 6,142 hours of their time to update 14 homes and two community buildings. If they continuously volunteered 24/7, they would be here for more than eight months straight! 

Knitters and crocheters donated more than 3,000 items to our Christmas Program. The yarn used in this knitwear would stretch from Cherryfield’s “North Pole” to the border of Maine and New Hampshire. 

A color photo of a person crocheting

Volunteers to our Food Security program made 1,896 deliveries from our food pantry to community members. If we took the total number of pounds of food given out, each delivery was the equivalent of 30 pounds. 

And for good measure, Sunbeam steward Jillian baked 2,328 cookies; if she made one large cookie out of all that cookie dough, it would weigh the same amount as a baby rhino! 

From the island of Monhegan to the town of Machias in Washington County, our programs and community are hard-working. The Mission is proud to have continually served Maine’s coastal and island communities for more than 100 years. Each year the Impact Statement puts that work into context and highlights the unseen effect here in Maine. 

To learn more about our impact, please read our Impact Statement.

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