WVII-TV Reports on New Weald Bethel Community Center

WVII-TV Reports on New Weald Bethel Community Center

Thursday, 07 June 2018 16:57
Seacoast mission center helps opens Weald Bethel community center
Written by Shonna Narine

CHERRYFIELD – The Maine Seacoast Mission is an organization that provides everything from healthcare to scholarships for people living along Maine’s rugged coastline.

On Thursday they celebrated the opening of the completed Weald Bethel community center.

Service program director of the Seacoast Mission Facility Wendy Harrington said, “And now we invite the community to help us dream about what can be and what this will turn into in the future.” Full story 

Free DETOP Community Supper, Sunday, June 10, Downeast Table of Plenty

Free DETOP Community Supper, Sunday, June 10, Downeast Table of Plenty

Please join us, Sunday, June 10, for our Downeast Table of Plenty (DETOP).
Would you like to host a DETOP meal? Thank you. Please go to the calendar website (SignUp), and schedule your Sunday, or email Wendy Harrington.

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Each Sunday afternoon, 3:30-5:00 pm, at the Mission’s Downeast Table of Plenty, everyone is welcome to share satisfying, home-cooked meals.

People age two to ninety, from every segment of the community attend. Music, conversation, and laughter preside. Hunger and loneliness are nowhere in sight.

The Table of Plenty takes place in the EdGE building on our Downeast Campus every Sunday, 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. Meals are provided by volunteers.

If you would like to host a meal, please go to the calendar website Sign Up and schedule your Sunday or email Wendy Harrington.

Maine Seacoast Mission Celebrates Opening of Weald Bethel Community Center

Maine Seacoast Mission Celebrates Opening of Weald Bethel Community Center

June 4, 2018

For More Information
Contact: Scott K Fish
Marketing and Communications
sfish@seacoastmission.org or 207-458-7185

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Fulfilling a ten-year dream, Maine Seacoast Mission opened its Weald Bethel Community Center with a celebration of friends, volunteers, builders, farmers, and Mission personnel on June 1. The completed Weald Bethel Community Center includes a commercial kitchen, dorm rooms, full bathroom and showers, washer/dryer, and more indoor open areas to accommodate the Mission’s community meals, coffees, and Housing Rehabilitation program volunteers.

Mission President Scott Planting and Mission Downeast Campus Director Wendy Harrington spoke briefly to the gathering of well-wishers.

“When I first started in 2010 there was talk about building a dormitory onto this building,” said President Planting. A “generous gift” enabled building plans to start in 2012.

Planting said, “Wendy, I especially want to thank you for your leadership, and your vision, and guiding this project to its completion. It’s my hope that this will be a center where people come together around their love of the place. I believe we cannot live a grounded life without being in a grounded place,” he said.

Wendy Harrington opened her remarks with, “I’m just in awe of this day that we’ve put together. This is a community resource that has been built by the Maine Seacoast Mission community, the Downeast community, our friends, our neighbors, our colleagues.”

The Downeast Campus director thanked a list of individuals and groups who helped make the Weald Bethel a reality.

“This is what we hope this community center becomes. A place where everyone is welcome,” Harrington said. A place where everyone belongs, can be themselves, have a wonderful meal, share laughter, fun, and some tears.”

For more information about Maine Seacoast Mission’s Weald Bethel Community Center, and its Downeast Campus activities.