137 Outer Island Residents Get Shots

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Maine Seacoast Mission nurse Sharon Daley administers a COVID-19 vaccine to Gilbert LeMoine in his car outside the Mill Pond Health Center on Swan’s Island last Thursday. PHOTO COURTESY OF DONNA WIEGLE

March 6, 2021 by Dick Broom on Health, News
137 outer island residents get shots

MOUNT DESERT — A total of 137 people – most of them over 65 – on Swan’s Island, the Cranberry Isles, Frenchboro and Isle au Haut were vaccinated against COVID-19 at the Maine Seacoast Mission’s vaccination clinics on the islands late last week.

Sixty-one of those getting shots live on Swan’s Island, where Donna Wiegle is the health officer and runs the island’s Mill Pond Health Center.

“It was fantastic,” she said of the vaccination clinic. “People could not have been happier, more grateful for the opportunity to get their vaccine out here.”

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