Island Health Director is Go-Between with Island Elder Care Administrators, State DHHS

Island Health Director Sharon Daley is standing fifth person from the right.

February 5, 2018

For more information:
Contact: Scott K Fish, Communications & Marketing Director
Maine Seacoast Mission
207-458-7185 or [email protected]

February 5, 2018

For more information:
Contact: Scott K Fish, Communications & Marketing Director
Maine Seacoast Mission
207-458-7185 or [email protected]

Island Health Director is Go-Between with Island Elder Care Administrators, State DHHS

BAR HARBOR — With a group of Maine island elder care Administrators she organized, Mission Island Health Director Sharon Daley traveled to Augusta, January 26, to participate in a Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) meeting on elderly care regulations affecting Maine island residents and caregivers. The group meets a few times each year in Augusta with State regulators “to make things better,” said Director Sharon Daley, who is the go-between among the group Administrators and the State.

The two-hour DHHS meeting agenda included discussion on new State regulations requiring time consuming background checks on caregiver staff members and board members. Compliance is expensive for island elder homes who are sometimes under the same regulations as large nursing homes; regulations that do not fit the island elder homes, and “make it difficult” for administrators, said Daley.

State regulators offered the visiting group ways to relieve the burden of compliance by pointing out features on the State website, and identifying a specific DHHS contact person. “This is a chance for DHHS and administrators to work together, with increased understanding by all parties,” Daley said.

Part of the discussion centered on making sure caregivers are aware of new or changed State regulations, and that caregivers understand the regulations.

Also, when island elder care residents need to travel to the mainland, an elder home staff member must accompany the traveling resident. Attendees shared ways their communities are dealing with this by using grant money and community support for a new staff position.

Finally, the State is looking at rewriting all smaller elder care home regulations. The island administrators submitted suggestions. “We will meet again and continue to have input” on that process, said Director Sharon Daley.


Mission Board Member’s NEH Shop/Boutique Feature

Meet Our November Featured Business: The Kimball Shop

The Kimball Shop, at 135 Main Street in Northeast Harbor, opened for business in 1929. Started by Margaret Kimball, current owner Nancy Ho’s aunt, it has remained a family business to this day. “We had the option to close it or sell it, but my brother and I chose to run it,” says Ho. Nancy continues to be a daily presence in the shop, managing a small team that handles every aspect of the business, from managing stock to gift wrapping, shipping and organizing events.

What’s most striking about the Kimball Shop and Boutique isn’t just the breadth of items for sale, or even the friendliness and knowledge of the staff, but the lengths to which they will go to satisfy their customers. The Kimball Shop and Boutique are a Northeast Harbor institution.

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Sigma Kappa Sorority Includes Mission in Ultra Violet Week

Thank you, Sigma Kappa!

Sigma Kappa Sorority raises funds for Alzheimer’s Research

Posted: Monday, November 6, 2017 4:34 pm
Swapna Vettiyil, Staff Writer 

Sigma Kappa members Larissa Enriquez and Ariel Forbes speak to Paul Napolitano about the Ultra Violet week

Sigma Kappa’s five philanthropies include the Sigma Kappa Foundation, Inherit the Earth, Gerontology with an emphasis in Alzheimer’s disease research, Maine Seacoast Mission and the Alzheimer’s Association.

The Sigma Kappa Foundation promotes service and leadership through scholarship, while Inherit the Earth helps protect the earth and save the environment.

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Volunteers to be Honored at EdGE Center by Washington County Extension Association

CHERRYFIELD, Me – The Washington County Extension Association will hold its annual meeting on Tuesday, ​September 19, at the​ EdGE Center, Maine Seacoast Mission, Weald Bethel Lane, Cherryfield. The evening begins at 4:30 p.m. with​ tours of the Master Gardener Volunteer gardens, followed by​ a potluck supper​ at 5 p.m.​; the program and awards ceremony begin at 6 p.m. The public is invited to attend.

​Christina Vizcarrondo of ​Eastport will receive the Norman W. Duzen Community Service Award for h​er​ volunteer efforts ​in her community including the Eastport Salmon Festival, Silent Santa Program, and Eastport’s Elder Program​. The University of Maine Pen Awards will be presented to ​​Tammy Carle and Tora Johnson for​ their​ work with the ​4-H Program and ​Andrew Dewey for h​is​ efforts with ​the Master Gardener Volunteer program.

The program will feature a presentation​ on ​programs with the Master Gardener Volunteer Program in Washington County.  ​

Attendees are asked to consider bringing a dish to share. For more information or to request a disability accommodation, contact the Extension office, 207.255.3345 or 800.287.1542 (toll-free in Maine).

University of Maine Cooperative Extension:

As a trusted resource for 100 years, University of Maine Cooperative Extension has supported UMaine’s land and sea grant public education role by conducting community-driven, research-based programs in every Maine county. UMaine Extension helps support, sustain and grow the food-based economy. It is the only entity in our state that touches every aspect of the Maine Food System, where policy, research, production, processing, commerce, nutrition, and food security and safety are integral and interrelated. UMaine Extension also conducts the most successful out-of-school youth educational program in Maine through 4-H.

Sunbeam V in Dry Dock Through Mid-October

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STONINGTON, Me — The Mission’s 74-foot steel-hulled Sunbeam V is hauled in annually to keep ahead of its structural integrity and cosmetics. Think of it as the boat’s annual physical. While in dry dock last year the Sunbeam V had a new bow thruster installed, giving the boat better sideways motion when approach certain harbors and docks.

Generally the dry docked Sunbeam V has its paint — top and bottom — renewed. Any rust developed anywhere since last year is sanded and painted. The overhaul work is done or supervised by Captain Michael Johnson and Engineer Storey King.

Island Health director Sharon Daley, and Island Outreach director Douglas Cornman continue their island community work, traveling on other boats, ferries, and planes.

Downeast Table of Plenty, Sunday, August 13 – Food, Laughter

Please join us, August 13, for this Sunday’s Downeast Table of Plenty. If you’d like to host a meal, please go to the calendar website Sign Up and schedule your Sunday or contact Wendy Harrington.

Cherryfield, ME — Sunday afternoons, 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. at our Downeast Table of Plenty, everyone is welcome to share satisfying, home-cooked meals.

People age two to ninety, from every segment of the community attend. Music, conversation, and laughter preside. Hunger and loneliness are nowhere in sight.

The Table of Plenty takes place in the EdGE building on our Downeast Campus every Sunday, 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. Meals are provided by volunteers.

If you would like to host a meal, you can go to the calendar website Sign Up and schedule your Sunday or contact Wendy Harrington.

Sunbeam Living History Visits Colket Center

BAR HARBOR, ME — It is always a welcome surprise when living Mission history walks through the front door of the Mission headquarters. Mission receptionist/clerical associate David Snyder tells us about one such meeting last Friday, July 28, 2017;

Kate Van Dyke and “Tag” Goodhue, of Salem, MA, came by for a visit today. Kate’s grandmother had christened the Sunbeam IV, March 2nd, 1964. She is also the great granddaughter of Henry Van Dyke who wrote the poem, Little Ship Sunshine. (More famous for his 1907poem “Hymn of Joy”, which begins with the words, “Joyful, joyful, we adore thee…”, which became the new lyrics to Beethoven’s  “Ode to Joy”, from the final movement of his Symphony No. 9.)

Ms. Van Dyke and Mr. Goodhue are standing in a Colket Center room with a frame displaying the Sunbeam IV poem and the photo of Henry Van Dyke pictured here.

Maine Seacoast Mission’s Great Visit to Boothbay Harbor

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The Mission had a great time Saturday, July 15th in Boothbay Harbor, and again, on Sunday, July 16th at Oceans Point in East Boothbay. Thank you, Sue and Paul Taylor for inviting us and for being such wonderful hosts.

These photos, in chronological order, show the Sunbeam V in Boothbay Harbor on Saturday afternoon, guests who boarded the Sunbeam V in Boothbay Harbor for a cruise and a Q&A about the Mission and its work.

Sunday was a reunion of the Mission and Wilson Chapel at Oceans Point. Wilson Chapel was celebrating its 100th Anniversary. Mission President Reverand Scott Planting gave the Sunday service marking the 96th year someone from Maine Seacoast Mission spoke at a Wilson Chapel service.

The service ended with a tribute to friend, musician, and Wilson Chapel organist Danny Beal, who died in January 2017. Churchgoers and Castlebay sang Danny Beal’s favorite hymn, Let The Lower Lights Be Burning. Here is a rendition of that hymn.