Mission Board Member’s NEH Shop/Boutique Feature

Mission Board Member’s NEH Shop/Boutique Feature

Meet Our November Featured Business: The Kimball Shop

The Kimball Shop, at 135 Main Street in Northeast Harbor, opened for business in 1929. Started by Margaret Kimball, current owner Nancy Ho’s aunt, it has remained a family business to this day. “We had the option to close it or sell it, but my brother and I chose to run it,” says Ho. Nancy continues to be a daily presence in the shop, managing a small team that handles every aspect of the business, from managing stock to gift wrapping, shipping and organizing events.

What’s most striking about the Kimball Shop and Boutique isn’t just the breadth of items for sale, or even the friendliness and knowledge of the staff, but the lengths to which they will go to satisfy their customers. The Kimball Shop and Boutique are a Northeast Harbor institution.

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