Maine Hospice Council’s Visit with Sunbeam Island Health

Maine Hospice Council’s Visit with Sunbeam Island Health

August 30, 2016

Kandyce Powell and Sharon Daley

L-R: Kandyce Powell and Sharon Daley

BAR HARBOR — Earlier this month, Maine Hospice Council (MHC) and Center for End-of-Life Care Executive Director Kandyce Powell, RN, MSN, traveled aboard the Sunbeam with Mission Director of Island Health, Sharon Daley, RN. Kandyce’s primary MHC responsibilities include improving the quality of life for the dying and bereaved. She is a tireless advocate for the underserved, including rural Maine communities.

Kandyce Powell sent us this photo taken during her August trip with this note:

“My gratitude to Sharon Daley and the crew of the Sunbeam for the opportunity to make a trip to Eagle Island, Matinicus, and Isle au Haut. Learning about the work of the Seacoast Mission has been richly rewarding, giving additional meaning to the phrase ‘rural outreach.’ Meeting the wonderful people who live on the islands, learning of their challenges, and hearing about their appreciation for the kindness, skill, and service of the Seacoast Mission crew is very touching. There’s no doubt this treasured organization with its rich history serves an incredible need for residents of the outer islands.”

Sharon Daley said, “Having done hospice work and knowing of Kandyce’s work, it was a real pleasure and honor having her along. I have always seen similarities between the work of the Mission and hospice. It is all about caring for the whole person: physical, spiritual, and mental. And this is what I see myself and the Sunbeam crew trying to do to the best of our abilities.”

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