Island Health & Telemedicine: Help Island Residents Access Health Care

Island Health & Telemedicine: Help Island Residents Access Health Care

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Since 1905, we have played a vital role in connecting residents of Maine’s most isolated islands with medical care. Our Island Health Program carries on the tradition, and there is never a charge for any Mission staff member’s services.

For island residents, accessing even the most basic health care is a significant challenge. Not every island has daily ferry service, and a trip to the mainland, when possible, is expensive and time consuming.

In response, Maine Seacoast Mission offers personal care, modern technology, and educational services. Director of Island Health Sharon Daley, RN, meets with islanders on the Sunbeam V, in their homes, via phone and internet. The Sunbeam state-of-the-art telemedicine facilities offer islanders virtual office visits with mainland doctors. Telemedicine is increasingly important in connecting islanders with mental health and substance abuse counselors.

The Island Health program also arranges for medical specialists to visit the islands. Sharon sets up on-island screening clinics for conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes, and arranges educational talks. Each year, Island Health sponsors a free two-day conference focusing on how to help elders from island communities age in place.

The short film below shows a day in the life of Sharon Daley as Director of Island Health.

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Housing Rehab: Help a Family Live in a Safe, Warm Home

Housing Rehab: Help a Family Live in a Safe, Warm Home

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Everyone deserves to live in a warm, safe home. But housing in Washington County, Maine is often old, hard to heat. Especially on a limited budget.

Maine Seacoast Mission’s Housing Rehab Program, with 350 amazing nationwide volunteers, each year fixes or rebuilds twenty such houses for local families. We also collaborate with other housing agencies. The families contribute sweat equity and often have children in our Ed Greaves Education (EdGE) program.

Each April through October, volunteers of all ages from church and community groups nationwide, spend one or two weeks here, making a huge difference in family lives. Tara’s story, as shown in the before and after photos here, is one example.

Your help with our Housing Rehab Program this Giving Tuesday enables us to create openings for more volunteer groups to help more rural Washington County families live in safe, warm houses.

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