EdGE Digital Experiences

Welcome to EdGE Digital Experiences! Where families puzzle through and solve online activities and challenges.

Created by Maine Seacoast Mission staff, EdGE Digital Experiences are made up of activities and challenges designed for kids, teens, and adults. Puzzle through each digital experience together to find the answers, and of course, have fun. Get every person’s perspective and help in completing a challenge!

There is no time limit to complete an EdGE Digital Experience. Enjoy and expect more activities in the future!

An EdGE student works at a computer at Milbridge Elementary School.

Escape Room – What’s Your Angle?

Your family will attempt to escape from the EdGE building on the Mission’s Cherryfield campus! You will need to work together to discover clues and solve puzzles.  The focus of this activity centers on knowledge of angles. No previous experience with angles is required. (Helpful hint: you may need to search the room for clues to solve the puzzles!) 

EdGE is headquartered on the Mission’s Downeast Campus in Cherryfield, with hiking trails and a rigorous ropes course. EdGE is named after Ed Greaves, an Addison resident and Mission trustee who championed new education and leadership development opportunities for Downeast children.

To share your ideas for a digital experience, email EdGE Director Isaac Marnik

or call 207.546.5856

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